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How To Become a Marketing Manager? Complete Step-by-Step Guide

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Outside of the content marketing world, she sometimes writes about video games. If you consider yourself a list person, try making a checklist-based roadmap. This kind of roadmap works well when you need a straightforward overview of the steps involved in your project, campaign, or strategy. You can make a roadmap checklist in your favorite spreadsheet software. This example from our templates organizes the process behind a blog post into separate steps with assigned team members, deadlines, and progress tracking.

Branch out and develop a well-rounded skill set with online marketing courses offered through Udemy. Perhaps some pitfalls make you doubt the usefulness of roadmap in marketing. Your tasks will be available to an SMM-specialist, content manager, BTL or PR specialists, designers, advertisers, etc. The visual roadmap provides marketers with a clear picture of where and how the company invests, when specific stages of investment begin, where they will intersect, and so on. Metrics showing user satisfaction, such as net promoter score that defines the number of customers likely to recommend the product. Choosing the most effective release timing considering customer readiness, performance of other existing products, competitors’ launches, etc.

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With proper product management, it’s possible to evade such consequences and increase chances of the product succeeding in the market. This position can seem more similar to that of the project manager’s, since both of them oversee the development teams, but the product owner is more detail-oriented and only exists as part of Scrum teams. The project manager is needed to coordinate multiple teams working on complex or risky projects, manage the documentation, and sometimes track team progress. A project manager organizes the internal process of product development making sure that the project follows a timeline and fits a budget.

  • A product marketing plan is the marketing strategy that the product management team creates.
  • Our template package includes a wide range of marketing calendars to use as a roadmap.
  • The marketing manager can also easily update the mix anytime — for example, by simply dropping a new category, “Public Relations,” into the mix, or creating a “Case Studies” subcategory under Content.
  • 10+ years of B2C marketing experience preferably in the entertainment, consumer packaged goods, or e-commerce industries.
  • You will concentrate on the most important tools for executing digital marketing strategies on the job.
  • With its help, a company can understand what customers want and develop a strategy that will allow for making a successful product.

We have created an achievable road map for you to follow in order to get you started in the correct direction. Students taking a digital marketing degree at a university or higher education institution will typically learn about marketing principles, digital marketing strategies, and business communication over a four-year period. Build a marketing portfolio of work that, along with a certification, you’ll be able to present at job interviews when you start applying for your first positions.


In fact, you shouldn’t have a product marketing roadmap for each product for two primary reasons. A whopping 77% of buyers look for different content at each stage of the product research process, so you should produce a wide range of content as part of your product marketing campaign. To develop a marketing plan for your product, you and your team members will need to know everything there is to know about the product and why your target customers will want it. The first stage of advertising new products is the creation of a product marketing plan.

The key is to create your strategy, camping and project roadmaps first so you can pull in the information from their schedules to create your channel-specific roadmaps. This way, you’ve already got the tasks, start dates, deadlines and all the other information that you need – all of which is working towards completing your goals. These roadmaps are also important references for marketing teams, providing a clear schedule for the campaign their working on the tasks they need to complete each day. I’m not saying that’s a complete list of all the reasons to create marketing roadmaps but there’s enough there to convey why they’re so important. Marketing roadmaps organise the chaos of modern marketing and guide your team through every stage of each campaign, ensuring they can make an impact with every marketing action.

Get product marketing certified.

Having taken all the above steps will prepare you and make you ready for taking up any digital marketing job. Begin at any level to become a Digital Marketing Manager in a few years. Along the way, you will gain experience as well as advanced skills and capabilities to wear the hat of a Manager.

Marketing manager roadmap

For marketing teams, their focus will be on collaborative efforts required to achieve your strategic goals, while executive teams will be more interested in how your marketing plan will drive company objectives. Building upon the point of workload management, the final task of building your marketing roadmap is to assign tasks to the right individuals and make sure the required resources are available. Your roadmap is designed to fail if you’re scheduling more work than you have the personnel to manage in your timeframe.

Key Advantages of Marketing Roadmaps for Achieving Companies’ Success

Then follows a long process of product creation that takes a lot of time, effort, a team of professionals, and a team leader. To transform any idea into a profitable product, a company has to go through several stages to set a vision, define a strategy, develop a product, and sell it to the right people. This article examines the details of product management, describing its main stages, and a product manager’s responsibilities in this process. While the product manager’s role is one that has come to limelight, the product marketing manager and product owner role have also been adopted by a lot of companies depending on their product and company culture. In this article, we will explain the difference between these roles and the job requirement of the individual involved.

Marketing manager roadmap

In this case, it makes sense to create three project roadmaps to suit the different processes involved in creating blog posts, newsletters and downloadable content. At the campaign level, you can set more specific goals and short-term targets to achieve the goal of your annual strategy. Some campaigns may run for the full year while others run for several months or weeks, working towards your primary goal for the end of the year. However, most marketing projects involve multiple channels and require different teams or personnel to come together and work on a series of tasks that all contribute towards completing the primary goal.

To begin your career in digital marketing, there is no shortcut, but there are measures you can take right now that will provide you a leg up on the competition. Digital marketing is not a well-defined course that can be completed in a specific amount of time. Digital marketing comprises a gamut of skills as well as technologies/certifications that can be completed in a specific amount of time. Digital marketing is neither just a technology nor just a theory thus it is not about education.

We’ll also show you how Content Marketing Platform’s all-in-one software has everything you need to create a product marketing plan that will see you through from your initial research to the big launch day and beyond. Discover how to create a great product marketing roadmap with Welcome. After all, they are in charge of the internal development of the product.